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Indian Art Fair (Bhartiya Kalaa Mela)

Indian Art Fair (A Mumbai based platform designed by Indian Art Promoter in 2015) has started different physical & virtual exhibitions in order to render the art arena an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents in very affordable cost & thus enabling the art fraternity to communicate & buy art from the artists directly.

It is a unique bridge in between masters & emerging talents.

It was founded by Mr Sudip Chakrabarti (Tatun) who is an art lover, connoisseur, designer & associated with many renowned artists, architects, interior designers & art connoisseurs etc.
IAF Logo

It’s Support Teams

1. Management & Networking Support-

Artist Raamji Sharma

2. Mentors-

Artist Gautam Mukherjee
Artist Jahar Dasgupta
Journalist Jaydip Chakrabarti
Prof. Vishwanath Sable
Photographer Padmashri Sudharak Owle
Photographer Satyaki Ghosh
Artist Ram Thorat
Artist Ajay Chandak
Artist Paramesh Paul
Artist Sonjaye Maurya
Promoter & Developer Dhananjay Nimbalkar
Industialist Krishna Gangurde
Promoter & Developer Rishiraj Rawat
Social Activist Rathin Dutta

3. Accounting Support-

Ms Sankiti Chakrabarti
Bhavesh Jha & Associates

4. Designing & Printing Support-
Aakruti Graphix

5. Media Support-

Art Soul Life
Colour Canvas